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Meaning of Distance Learning – Different Models and Future Trends

My Initial Thoughts about Distance Education Initially I thought the meaning of distance learning was the learning methodology where the instructor and the learners are separated geographically and interact asynchronously. In this methodology, learners access the course resources via internet, or as it used to be, via radio, TV, or postal services. Basically, interactions between…
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Understanding Brain Based Learning – Active and Self-Directed Learning

The fact that the brain is a living organism connected to each part of the body, making it actively involved in the learning process is the focus of the brain-based learning instruction (Houff, Klinger, & Coffman, 2013). This post will explore this type of learning instruction to help you get a basic understanding of brain…
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Different Types of Learning Theories – Understanding the Basics

Before jumping into the design of a learning solution, it is important to understand the connection between the different types of learning theories with other aspects of the learning process such as learning styles and educational technologies. According to Ertmer and Newby (1993), “learning theories provide instructional designers with verified instructional strategies and techniques to…
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