Category: Instructional Design

Professional Learning Communities – Mapping my Learning Connections

When I started to think about a career change from engineering to the educational field I did not know where to start or what steps to take. In order to organize my ideas, I went online and started researching about the different fields in education and what could be more suitable to me. This research…
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Job Description of an Instructional Designer – 6 Areas to Consider

In the time I have been working as an Instructional Designer, I have done and learned so much that sometimes I think Instructional Designers are the heroes in the eLearning industry. In this post, I’ll explain the main 6 skill areas that instructional designers could cover in their duties. The idea is to have a…
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How to Become an Instructional Designer – My Own Experience

There are different ways to land into the wonderful career of Instructional Designer. In this post, I will share my own experience on how I changed from being an electronic engineer to an Instructional Designer. I will also share tips on how to become an instructional designer from any career you are at the moment.…
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