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There are so many aspects of the learning process. In this website we are committed to develop and share information on eLearning, relevant theories, career advice for instructional designers, and we also want to explore technologies and tools used for educational purposes. 


In this section you will find tutorials, tips and information on how to develop eLearning solutions.


Instructional Design

Here you will find relevant information for instructional designers, courses and how to grow in this wonderful career.


Learning Theories

This is the theoretical part about the learning process, but it is important to build solid foundations based on research.


Technologies & Tools

This is a very exciting section where we explore the technologies and tools that support effective learning solutions.


Latest from my blog

Distance Learning Models

Distance Education Types – Comparison of Three Models

Distance education is a flexible study mode where the instructor or educational institution and the students are physically separated. This study mode has different variances that are influenced by changes[…]

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Podcast and Training

Podcasts are significantly growing and only on Apple Podcasts there are confirmed over 750,000 podcasts (Discover Pods, 2019). According to Podcast Insights, comedy is the most popular podcasting genre, followed[…]

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Professional Development Activity Ideas

Last year I was really busy working on some activities that contributed to my professional development as an instructional designer. In this post I’ll share some ideas for professional development[…]

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Educational Technologies

Augmented Reality for Kids

Playing is an essential part in children’s development. Augmented Reality technology creates a magical feeling causing a high degree of surprise and curiosity in kids.

Augmented Reality for Children’s Books

This is a review of CleverBooks, an easy way to immerse your kids in AR technology while learning.

Putting eLearning in SCORM Cloud

Using SCORM Cloud

SCORM Cloud is my favorite tool to test SCORM files. Here I explain how I use it to test and deploy eLearning.


How to build a course in 
Articulate Rise
Hosting your Course in Google Cloud