About Me

About Me


Hi and welcome to “My Love 4 Learning”!

My name is Thais and in this space I will share my knowledge and tips to help you create online learning solutions.

If you want to learn about instructional design, learning theories, authoring tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), technologies used in education and how to develop eLearning, then this is your place.


Before becoming an eLearning designer, I worked as an electronic engineer for 10 years. During my engineering career, I had the opportunity to write instruction manuals, technical documentation and provide training about the systems I worked with (automation, control systems, servers, databases, etc).

With time, I discovered that the part I enjoyed most about my work was sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to use those particular systems and technologies.

To build better training for my colleagues I studied a “Certificate IV in Training and Assessment” and I did a master’s degree in “Instructional Design and Technology” with a specialization in Online Learning. Currently, I am studying a “Graduate Certificate in Digital Education” and since 2015 I have been working in the learning and development field creating eLearning solutions in the corporate sector.

Other topics of my interest are Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality for training purposes, digital media assets (animations, videos and 3D images) and games.


Here you will find many tips and tricks to get you started in this beautiful field of eLearning. I will also share information about learning theories, instructional strategies, current trends in this industry, real examples and tools to help you grow in your eLearning career.


The main goals of this site are:

  • To have a collection of resources that other professionals in this field can use.
  • To help any eLearning enthusiast, no matter the level, to design and develop eLearning solutions.
  • To share the love and knowledge for the use of technology in education.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks for visiting this site 🙂



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  1. John White says:

    I am really impressed with your website Thais.The way you have set it up shows your intellect in your field and how you are an expert in your niche.

  2. Thirdsak Kajornboon (Thailand) says:

    I sincerely say thank you for your useful information and your kind.

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