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Job Description of an Instructional Designer – 6 Areas to Consider

In the time I have been working as an Instructional Designer, I have done and learned so much that sometimes I think Instructional Designers are the heroes in the eLearning industry. In this post, I’ll explain the main 6 skill areas that instructional designers could cover in their duties. The idea is to have a…
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How to Become an Instructional Designer – My Own Experience

There are different ways to land into the wonderful career of Instructional Designer. In this post, I will share my own experience on how I changed from being an electronic engineer to an Instructional Designer. I will also share tips on how to become an instructional designer from any career you are at the moment.…
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About Me

Hi and welcome to “My Love 4 Learning”! My name is Thais and in this space I will share my knowledge and tips to help you create online learning solutions. If you want to learn about instructional design, learning theories, authoring tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), technologies used in education and how to develop eLearning,…
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