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Skype – Review of a Tool to Connect your Students with Learning Experiences around the World

Skype is an application that has made our lives more enjoyable because it allows us to stay connected with our family and friends, especially for people like me who live thousands of Km away from their loved ones. We can use Skype from our mobile phones or computers, we just need an Internet connection or…
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Machine Learning and eLearning – How Adaptive Learning can Flourish with these Technologies

Education is moving away from passive learning and content-centered instructions to a more active learning experience, where learners interact with technology and make sense of information through social and constructive learning strategies. In this post, I will explore the technologies of machine learning and eLearning, and how they can interact to make learning processes even…
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Augmented Reality for Children’s Books – Review of CleverBooks

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience that brings digital assets into the real world. In the previous post “Augmented Reality for Kids – Educational Magic to Enhance Imagination and Learning”, I discussed the potential of AR in different fields such as gaming, social media, healthcare and education, just to name a few. In this…
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