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Motivation in eLearning – Understanding the Adult Learner

In the previous post, “ARCS Model and Instructional Design – Motivation in eLearning” we discussed different strategies about how to keep our learners motivated through course design. In this post, we will continue exploring this fascinating topic of motivation in eLearning and we will explore other strategies to motivate our learners including more cognitive elements…
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ARCS Model and Instructional Design – Motivation in eLearning

Engaging learners is always a challenging task. Many studies have researched in the link between engagement and motivation. In this post, we will analyze the ARCS model and instructional design strategies to increase motivation in eLearning. What is the ARCS model? John M. Keller (born March 5, 1938) is an American educational psychologist, best known…
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Education – Strategies for eLearning

Designing highly motivating learning experiences is the challenge that most instructional designers and educators face. After all, each learner has different goals, desires, needs and preferences as we discussed in the post “Different Learning Styles – How to Design Learning to Accommodate our Learners”. In this post, we will be examining Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs…
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