My name is Thais Gomez. I am originally from Venezuela and I have been living in Australia since 2010.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and I worked as a SCADA* Engineer for 10 years. In 2015 I got the opportunity to change from the engineering field to Learning and Development, and I absolutely love it. I really enjoy creating training materials, work instructions and designing and developing e-Learning solutions.

Currently I am working as a Senior Design and Development Officer developing online courses using Articulate Storyline and ELMO course builder. I want to develop further my career as an Instructional Designer using the most suitable strategies and pedagogy to design and develop engaging online learning.

Other areas of my interest are scenario-based learning, gamification, training needs analysis, pedagogy for e-Learning, designing learning solutions for different learning styles while complying with accessibility guidelines and AGILE framework for projects in learning and training. I am also interested in learning new technologies that make a positive impact in education, the environment, and the humanity in general. Let’s make things better right? why not? 😀

In my personal life, I am a mother of a one year old boy called David and a seven year old dog called Chokito. I like to take them for walks while I enjoy a good coffee in Adelaide.

David and Chokito

David and Chokito

In my free time I maintain a blog in Spanish ( where I share my stories migrating to Australia and help others to achieve the same goal, or at least I try.

My hobbies are watching movies, listening to music, podcasts, and reading.

Thanks for visiting this site.

*SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

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